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Close protection team ibiza
Close Protection Company Ibiza

British Close Protection Company Based In Ibiza

Close Protection Ibiza, Reviews

"Proud to be the only British Close Protection Experts with a permanent operation in Ibiza, Post-Brexit"
24 hours per day, 7 days per week, all year round

Close Protection Ibiza, 26 years operational experiecein Ibiza
British close protection team Ibiza

Protecting Globally-Significant Families 1997 - 2024

26 years of service from our Mediterranean HQ here in Ibiza... Protecting VIP Travellers & our Island-based clientele. No matter what level of Close Protection you require - you can continue enjoying your lifestyle, whilst we discretely manage your safety, security & privacy.


Our team of Veteran Operators have previously served at the pinnacle of Diplomatic Security Services, Military Special-Activities units, Clandestine Security Operations, and Advanced VIP Protection in the Private Sector. ... At-Risk VIP's can depend on our Island-Based team to deliver Enhanced Personal Protection - combined with modern day social skills & expert local knowledge.


If you're not in direct contact with us - you're not being protected by us!

Diplomat Protection Group® is the leading authority on Close Protection & private security requirements in Ibiza.  You are communicating directly with Ibiza's premier Personal Protection team. Hiring us directly is the only way to be certain that you are being protected by our team.

Incredibly, we continue to uncover imposters, fakes & middlemen attempting to use our name & reputation for financial gain.


To avoid any confusion:​

  • Island-based Concierge / Middlemen are not authorised to accept bookings for services by Diplomat Protection Group®. Offshore concierge, clients or your P.A's are invited to contact us directly to engage our services.

  • We do not collaborate with any local business offering security services in Ibiza. Beware of others claiming to be members of our team or promoting themselves as our 'preferred-partners'.


  • Our trusted International partners will connect you directly with our office so you can be certain that you are receiving our service.


  • Our security services can only be hired via our official channels.​

(Spain +34) 626826042

We are a 'Direct-to-Client' service with no financial loyalty to anyone who may not be acting in the client's best interests.

close protection ibiza: 26 years year experience providing personal protection in Ibiza Spain



Our Close Protection Experts see Ibiza through highly trained eyes. With more than 26 years operational experience in Ibiza, and an unrivalled intelligence network - we see local 'risks' in Ultra-High-Definition.


Our role is to ensure that you do not collide with the negative elements that we see around you.


Ultimately, it's our responsibility to create & maintain a calm, safe, private & well-organised environment around our client - so they can really relax & enjoy life!




We are a team of Veteran Security Contractors based in Ibiza... we GUARANTEE that villas under our protection will not experience break-ins whilst our professionals are on duty!


When your 'security service' fails to protect your rental property - demand a refund & hire the EXPERTS with a 100% success rate protecting large villas & private estates in Ibiza!​

villa security ibiza, no robberies guaranteed
villa security guard ibiza

Close Protection Ibiza

Bodyguards, Private Security, Close Protection Operatives, Executive Protection, Minders... everyone uses different names for their private security - but there are key skills & experience that every client should expect of their professional security in Ibiza.


Here at Diplomat Protection Group® we are advocates of combined physical (hard) & social (soft) skill-sets. Our operatives are intelligent, friendly & resourceful people, capable of blending into the clients lifestyle, stepping forward hard-&-fast only when absolutely necessary.


Our Close Protection Experts are highly trained professionals with 'real' background experience & 'hard-wired' skills. No matter what situations arise - you can trust us to apply a carefully measured response whilst maintaining the clients safety & privacy.

There's no substitute for the level of experience that our team members represent!

1: We adopt a 'Tier-1' approach - identifying & recruiting only the finest high-risk security operatives from credible backgrounds - and teach them how to recalibrate their skills to unique environments like Ibiza. By constantly monitoring the calibre of our team members, we have been able to maintain an impressive track record for 26 years here in Ibiza.

2: TEAM.ONE Close Protection | Veteran Security Operatives from Ibiza's leading authority on private security ~ Diplomat Protection Group®. We have earned a reputation with our clients for being the 'Top Security Team' in the Northern regions of Spain... and our Mediterranean HQ is here in Ibiza.


3: Our Close Protection Experts in Ibiza protect clients living, working or travelling in challenging environments. Ibiza is a Island with a unique combination of risks that specifically target wealthy tourists, and our clients find it reassuring that we have the experience & appetite to Identify these problems & ensure that you avoid them. Read about our clients positive experiences HERE


4: Combining modern day social skills, expert local knowledge & B2B relationships that often make the impossible happen for our clients... you'll find TEAM.ONE Bodyguards very reassuring to have by your side during your time in Ibiza

5: Our core team members are long-term residents of Ibiza / Spain, with family homes on-island, and we are fully operational across the Mediterranean. We're not here just for the Summer months... we have long-term commitments in remaining the island's most credible contact for all security related services - 12 months of the year. You should never underestimate the importance of choosing a security provider with a genuine connection to the island.  .

Established in 1997

26 years operational experience in Spain

24-7-365 Office in Ibiza since 2004

close protection ibiza, close protection operative ibiza
English close protection service Ibiza

Close Protection & Professional Bodyguard Hire in Ibiza

Ibiza Close Protection acts as a front-line defence, no matter what information is readily available to those with criminal intentions on their minds. Clients who hire our Bodyguards are sending a message that they take their security seriously & have taken the time to identify the best security operatives on the island.

You may not be an A-List Celebrity or Royal family member, but for various reasons you are required to use professional security operatives to protect yourself & your family. You may not want Bodyguards in your life - but it is a requirement of your corporation or K&R insurance policy... we are the only professional team who fully appreciate the reasons for such security requirements, and deliver a service respectful of your concerns & expectations. , close protection ibiza, close protection service ibiza,

With more than 26 years operating our Bodyguard service in Ibiza, our clients benefit from the local contacts and resources of our team members.


There are many different levels of security available privately in Ibiza - all catering for different types of clientele. Our regular clientele return to us year after year because we apply a rhythm & quality of service unique to our company.


Not everyone needs this level of service, but for those who take their security & privacy seriously - we are here for you...


Why do you need Close Protection in Ibiza?

The World is currently experiencing economical & political unrest. These factors always lead to increased levels of crime, & VIP's should consider additional Close Protection when visiting Ibiza. Our island is experiencing a rise in sophisticated crimes that target HNW visitors and wealthy residents alike.

For many years, people have been saying that there's no need for top-level security operators like ours in Ibiza. The entire World has changed rapidly in the past 5 years, and 'At-Risk' clientele have never been so grateful that Diplomat Protection Group® are still operational here in Ibiza.


We're not here just for your personal safety - your Bodyguard is your security 'companion' - the person who recognises & deflects negative elements that could spoil a perfect day for you.

  • Hostility to your wealthy status.

  • Hostility to your Business or Political activities.

  • Targeted Robbery / Street Robbery.

  • Over enthusiastic fans disrupting your privacy.

  • Fans or criminals following you back to your villa.

  • Paparazzi & other unwanted attention.

  • Indiscriminate anti-social behaviour by others.


We're here to make sure you avoid the various types of crime & hostility, whilst enhancing your Ibiza experience via our network of contacts. Your privacy, your personal valuables, your important guests, your good name & professional reputation... it's our responsibility to ensure that everything & everyone is safe whilst you relax & enjoy your vacation.




It's not unusual for us to have last minute access to premium model vehicles - available with a Professional, Security Trained Chauffeur. Minimum 5 days service & 12hrs daily for last-minute bookings.

Navigate Ibiza in a way that is ultimately more rewarding for you & your guests...

With traditional chauffeur service costs increasing every year in Ibiza, hiring one of our security professionals as your private driver is now the most cost-effective way to hire a full-time chauffeur in Ibiza.


Comprehensive Security Package


Our Driver-Bodyguard service, villa security guards, and our reservations booking desk work together to ensure the clients movements are kept confidential – meaning both the clients and villa are more secure around the clock.

security driver Ibiza, driver bodyguard Ibiza


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